Cositas Deliciosas

The colorful restaurant and smoothie stand on Grand Avenue adds a pop of vitality to downtown Fair Haven.

Hear from Cece and Miguel

Oral History

In 2015, spouses Miguel Xicohtencatl and Cecilia Serrano bought a Mexican grocery store in Fair Haven. Since then, Miguel and Cece have converted the little store into a busting restaurant, where regulars come every day to pick up lunch and families come to treat themselves to specialty Mexican smoothies and italian ice.

As you walk into the restaurant on 271 Grand Ave., you are greeted by the sounds of both Spanish and English; you take your place in line alongside the friendly customers, probably admiring the fresh fruit that fills--seriously fills--the glass display cases to your left. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to order from Miguel or Cece, who work in the restaurant as managers, chefs, and salespeople. Miguel and Cece--born and raised in Tlaxcala, Mexico, and Puebla, Mexico, respectively--are committed to preparing only the freshest foods, foods that would make their two children proud.

Watch the short documentary to hear about the history of Cositas Deliciosas, to learn how it fits into Fair Haven, and to watch Miguel prepare a Mangonada, his favorite specialty drink.

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Cemitas Sandwich Mangonada

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