DEEP ROOTS: Stories & Tastes of New Haven

A one-night-only evening of food and oral history on December 8, 2018 at the New Haven Museum.

At DEEP ROOTS, we’ve curated a delicious evening of food from a cross-section of New Haven neighborhoods. Come enjoy a sit-down tasting menu featuring iconic meals from neighborhood institutions and discover dishes from the newest New Havenites. And to satisfy an appetite beyond hunger, each chef will tell the stories behind their food: who they are, how they came to their neighborhood, and the people and events that have shaped their food--and their lives.

Engage with the traditions and histories behind the flavors that make the Elm City a culinary treasure. Enjoy a dinner party unlike any other.

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Featured New Haven Neighborhoods

Fair Haven

Meet Miguel Xicotencatl and Cecilia Serrano, the co-owners of Fair Haven's favorite smoothie-stand-turned-restaurant Cositas Deliciosas.


At Sanctuary Kitchen, resettled refugee and asylum seekers are invited to step into the heart of the bustling New Haven food scene. Click here to learn more from Staff Chef Mona Asweid.

The Hill

Hear from Sandra Pittman, the owner and chef at the beloved soul food restaurant Sandra's Next Generation.

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